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Are you looking for ways to improve your health and achieve a higher level of wellness?

You can have more energy and vitality. You can sleep better at night and wake up rested, ready to face a new day.

You can experience fewer colds and less illness during the year. With proper nutrition you can even overcome many chronic health conditions. And you can do it naturally!

A Health Explosion!

In the last few years there has been an explosion of interest in health supplements and nutrition. In the past, we were told that all we had to do was to "eat right and exercise regularly" to achieve optimum health. Times have changed, even medical doctors are now recommending natural health supplements to many of their patients.

We can save you time and energy! You don't have to spend hours surfing the internet or walking the aisles of your local health food store looking for the best supplements. Guess what, we do it for you!

You can benefit from our over 30 years of experience and our latest research findings! We recommend only the best natural health supplements, the ones that will help you reach your optimum level of wellness. We refer to them as "super supplements" because they get results.

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Next, our "Nutrition News" section will help you stay current on the latest happenings in the world of natural nutrition. You will find articles and information on new ways to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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One of the reasons this web site exists is a direct result of my return to greater health. I want to share my successes with you! Not only have I been able to achieve greater wellness for myself but I have helped others in their journey towards optimum health as well. If I can, I would like to assist you in your search for increased wellness in your life!

The place for you to start is by reviewing the information listed on the left hand side of this website or by scrolling down to the Table of Contents at the bottom of the page.

You will notice several web pages that deal with natural skin products. Keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it needs to remain healthy too.

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Natural Health Supplements Blog
The Natural Health Supplements Blog keeps you up-to-date on new natural health supplements and the latest research found at web site. Subscribe here!
Nopal Cactus Drink - Enjoy Better Health From the Sonoran Desert!
The cactus juice drink called Nopalea will energize your body, increase your mental clarity - no more foggy brain! It will also help you sleep better at night!
My Cactus Juice Blog
My Cactus Juice Blog provides you with up to date info on this amazing liquid health supplement!
Betalains Contain Powerful Health Benefits!
Betalains from the nopal cactus are antioxidant power houses! Research has shown they can have a positive effect on LDL levels! Learn more here.
Bee Pollen Benefits and Bee Pollen Side Affects Plus Bee Pollen Research
Bee pollen benefits athletic performance. Increase your endurance and shorten your recovery time.
Acidity in the Body - Are You Out of Balance?
Acidity in the body can lead to sickness and disease! How to reduce acidity and improve your health.
Metabolic Acidosis is a Danger to Your Health!
Metabolic acidosis is a precursor to disease & illness in your body! Learn how to reverse acidosis naturally.
Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Uses and Aloe Side Effects
Learn about the many benefits of aloe vera juice and the latest aloe vera research!
Top Benefits of Colostrum - Learn More Here!
The health benefits of colostrum include strengthening your immune system, increased energy, better digestion, and so much more!
Calcium Deficiency Symptoms and How to Increase Low Calcium Levels?
One of the major calcium deficiency symptoms is osteoporosis especially in the elderly. Women may also suffer PMS and have difficulty losing weight as a result of low calcium in the body.
Chia Seeds (salvia hispanica) Are a Powerhouse of Nutrition
Chia seeds are great for endurance athletes, diabetics and for natural weight loss!
CoQ10 Benefits, CoQ10 Side Effects and Best CoQ10 Sources
Strengthen your heart, increase your energy levels & protect yourself against gum disease are all CoQ10 Benefits!
Curcumin Benefits Your Health
It fights inflammation, speeds healing and kills bad bacteria. These are just a few of the curcumin benefits to your health!
Oral Probiotics Stop Bad Breath and Strengthen Your Immune System
Studies show oral probiotics help improve your dental health and fight bad bacteria!
Benefits of Resveratrol, Resveratrol Side Effects Plus Resveratrol Research
Benefits of Resveratrol - Protect yourself against herpes, heart attacks & Alzheimers disease!
Saw Palmetto Benefits, Saw Palmetto Side Effects, Saw Palmetto Dosage
Current research indicates saw palmetto benefits male pattern baldness!
Stevia Side Effects - How to Use Stevia Safely as a Food Sweetener?
Stevia has been used for years as a natural sweetener. Are there any negative stevia side effects?
Benefits of Taurine, Taurine Side Effects, Sources of Taurine
Some of the important benefits of taurine include increased blood circulation, protection of the liver and strengthening the retina of the eye.
Wheatgrass Benefits, What is Wheatgrass, Where to Buy Wheatgrass
Wheatgrass benefits your body in several important ways! Have a wheat grass drink daily to increase your energy and detoxify your body.
Sonoran Desert Plants, Nopal Cactus Fruit, Mesquite Tree
Sonoran Desert plants have been used by the Pima Indians for centuries as food and medicine. Now, you can also benefit from these healing plants!
This Page Has Moved!
This Page Has Moved!
Health Benefits of Vinegar - You Might Be Surprised!
The health benefits of vinegar date back to the time of Hippocrates in 400 BC! Apple cider vinegar has been used for everything from constipation to skin problems.
Simple Natural Home Remedies That Work
Get relief from a chest cold, a sore throat and other natural home remedies can be found here!
Sinus Infection Remedies, Sinus Treatments, Sinus Symptoms
Sinus infection remedies - Which home remedies really work to relieve sinus infections?
Recipes for Smoothies, Healthy Smoothie Recipes, How to Make a Smoothie
Recipes for smoothies - Learn how to make a smoothie plus discover healthy smoothie recipes even your kids will like!
Organic Essential Oils | How to Use Essential Oils | Where to Buy Essential Oils
Organic Essential Oils - Learn how to use essential oils to improve your health naturally!
Superfruits | Acai Berries | Benefits of Mangosteen Juice | Goji Fruit | Noni
Superfruits are rich in anti-oxidants. They fight inflammation and contain anti cancer ingredients!
Important Facts About Vitamin B6 and Your Health
Strengthen your immune system, reduce morning sickness and mood swings during pregnancy - some of the most important facts about vitamin b6.
Vitamin B12 Benefits Plus Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms
Vitamin B12 Benefits - Improve your energy, vitality and memory!
Vitamin C Benefits Plus Vitamin C Side Effects and Best Vitamin C Dosage
Vitamin C Benefits - Strengthens collagen in your body, helps with brain function & assists in converting fat into energy!
Health Benefits of Vitamin D and Avoiding a Vitamin D Deficiency
Health Benefits of Vitamin D - New studies show vitamin D more important in our health than previously thought!
Vitamin E Benefits Plus Side Effects of Vitamin E and Vitamin E Sources
Vitamin E Benefits - Helps reduce pain of osteoarthritis, improves wound healing and has antioxidant power!
Adaptuit is a Natural Stress Reducer. Feel Free Again!
Adaptuit contains health promoting adaptogens. You can feel the difference. Click here for more information.
Alka Plex Fights Metabolic Acidosis and Acidity in Your Body
You can also improve your athletic performance and the absorption of key nutrients with Alka Plex.
Balanced Reactive Molecules Will Impact Your Health
Learn why balanced reactive molecules are so important to your health! ASEA has the exclusive rights to this powerful, new natural health supplement!
Best Energy Drink and Energy Drink Ingredients
The best energy drink is actually good for you! It contains ashwagandha extract, agave nectar and tulsi!
The Best Eye Drops, Also Eye Drops for Dry Eyes and Eye Drops for Allergies
The best eye drops are preservative free and are 100% natural. They do not contain chemicals or artifical ingredients of any kind.
Body Balance,Black Cherry Juice Health Benefits, Liquid Nutrition
Body Balance can help reduce triglycerides, fibromyalgia symptoms & crohn's disease symptoms!
Benefits of Colloidal Silver Are Impressive!
Health benefits of colloidal silver are confirmed by recent scientific research. Studies show It is effective against bad bacteria and the MRSA virus!
FloraVita, TriVita, Best Probiotic
FloraVita Can Help You Improve Your Digestion!
Himalayan Crystal Salt, Crystal Salt, Himalayan Salt
Himalayan crystal salt is actually good for you! It even surpasses the benefits of sea salt. It provides your body with over 70 needed minerals and trace elements.
Increase Energy Naturally, Reduce Cellular Dehydration & Causes of Inflammation
Increase energy naturally; also eliminate cellular dehydration & reduce the causes of inflammation naturally!
Omega 3 Supplements, What Are The Benefits of Omega 3 Oil?
High quality omega 3 supplements can help improve your brain function, they fight inflammation and promote healing.
Best Natural Skin Products - Certified Organic by the USDA
Natures Paradise - Safe chemical free and paraben free natural skin products!
Topricin, Pain Relief Rub, Natural Joint Pain Relief
Topricin will help stop your pain naturally! A pain relief cream that actually works. It is non greasy, non burning and is safe even for children.
Probiotic Supplements, Probiotic Pills and Liquid Probiotics
Discover how you can improve your health and the health of your family with probiotic supplements!
Silverbiotics | ASAP Colloidal Silver | American BioTech Labs
Research shows Silverbiotics Is effective and safe to use. Protect you and your family from common infections!
Slender Pops the Weight Loss Lollipop by Sisel International
Slender Pops will help you lose weight! Imagine the best weight loss food and it is candy. Learn more here!
Trevo Is a Nutrient Rich Liquid Health Supplement!
Drink Trevo to super charge your health! It contains exotic fruits like maqui berry, acai berry and 172 other health promoting ingredients! Learn more here!
Yoli, Yoli MLM, Alkaline Water Benefits
Yoli is where nutrtition and space age technology meet!
Zamu with Camu Camu Fruit. Lift Your Mood, Energize Your Body!
Zamu - Elevates your mood plus gives you an energy boost! All natural and Certified Organic by the USDA. Click here now for more information!
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Liposome Technology and Your Health!
Liposome technology will revolutionize the natural health supplement industry!
Breakthrough Amino Acid Supplement! Reverse Muscle Loss and More!
This Amino Acid Supplement is Backed by Human Clinical Trials. Get Stronger Muscles, Improve Your Heart Health, Helps Balance Blood Sugar.
Health Benefits of CBD Oil
Discover the health benefits of CBD oil and how it can have a powerful effect on your health!
CBD Oil - What You Need to Know!
Not all CBD oil products are created equal! Learn how to select CBD oil that is both safe and effective!