Alan K. Manning

Web Publisher & SEO Specialist

Have you read the statistic that says 93% of internet marketers don’t make any money? That is a staggering failure rate! Unfortunately, for years I was one of the 93% that spent more than they made marketing online. I think the most I ever make in one month was $50.00. Are you one of the 93% who doesn’t make money online or are you one of the fortunate few who does?

Fortunately, I can now say I am part of the 7% who actually make money online. I don’t consider myself an online marketing guru by any means. I still have much to learn. It has been said that when it comes to online marketing you “fail your way to success”! That means after multiple online marketing failures something changes and you start making money. You learn enough skills and find the right marketing vehicle to start turning things around. It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires patience to make it through the tough times.

My personal success journey began over four years ago when I committed to build my own web site. I wanted my own piece of internet real estate. Keep in mind that I am not a “techie” and I don’t have a lot of computer skills. I was determined, however, to learn what I needed to know to build my very own website and use it as a way to make money online.

My internet marketing fortunes began to change when I discovered a Canadian web hosting company called Solo Build It based in Toronto. What I discovered was more than just a web hosting company what I found was a company that would actually teach me how to market online. What I also found was a community of like minded people who were willing to answer my questions and encourage me in my online marketing efforts.

It took me several weeks of research before I made the decision to spend the money and begin building an SBI website. I actually purchased two web sites initially. I built one around my off line brick and mortar mortgage business and the second one a travel website about Costa Rica where I use to live. Unfortunately, when it came time a year later to renew my subscription I was still struggling and didn’t have the money to continue and so I quit. Gone was a year’s worth of long hours of research and content writing.

Remember that part about “failing my way to success”? After a few months I decided to give Solo Build It another shot and take what I had learned in building my first two websites and apply it to a third one. This website would be based on something that I am really passionate about. I have been interested in finding and using the best natural health supplements for me and for my family. I was looking for health supplements that delivered results in meaningful ways. I decided to turn my passion into a profit making website. I began my next online project with determination to make this one work.

So, in November of 2009 another long, arduous journey began! I worked diligently for months building web page after web page. My traffic numbers slowly began to rise as I added more and more content. Over time I began to make money from my Adsense ads I placed on some of my more popular web pages. After several months I was actually making enough revenue from my ads to pay for my subscription fee to Solo Build It. Yes, I was at a crucial break even point in my online marketing business.

By September of 2010 I was actually making money not only from my Adsense ads but I was also making small commissions from some of the affiliate programs I was associated with.

It was during September 2010 that something happened that really provided a shot in the arm of my online business. One of the companies that I was associated with created their own sales web site. It was an excellent site full of good information and videos plus a compelling offer to purchase one of their most popular products. When I linked my website page that talked about their popular product to their sales page, my sales began to sky rocket!

Now, a year later and my sales volume from that one product continues to grow. Every month I sell thousands of dollars of this company’s most popular product. I am building a nice customer base plus I am adding new distributors each month. Also, keep in mind that the average sales price for a case of this one product is $140.00! I am at the point where I am earning a nice part time monthly income. My goal for the next twelve months is to earn a full time income from my Solo Build It website;”

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