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Myohealth Antiaging Health Supplement Benefits!

Myohealth is a revolutionary new antiaging health supplement! It contains nine balanced essential amino acids scientifically formulated by Dr. Robert R. Wolfe. Listed below are several of the important roles amino acids play in the body:

  • Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle
  • Increase Energy Without Caffeine
  • Reverse Muscle Loss
  • Help Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Help Cleanse the Liver
  • Assist in Balancing Hormones
  • Strengthen Bones
  • Improve Balance

More Reasons Why Amino Acids Are so Important!

Amino acids play a critical role in the health of our skin, hair, nails, most organs of the body, and other metabolic processes! Two-thirds of the body, less water is comprised of proteins. The building blocks of protein are amino acids. They are extremely important in maintaining our health and in slowing down the aging process. 

The body is in a constant state of building and breaking down protein. The process of building new protein is called "protein synthesis". As we grow older the body becomes less efficient at building new protein. This is due in part to poor digestion and lack of good intestinal flora. This leads to poor absorption of amino acids. As a result, the body isn't triggered to build new muscle. This is called "anabolic resistance".

Some of the amino acids from broken down protein can be reused by the body. The rest is eliminated and must be replaced in order to maintain our health. When we were younger we could replenish our amino acid supply through diet and exercise. This is no longer the case after we reach about forty years of age.

Due to the loss of muscle mass, it becomes more and more difficult to do some of the things we use to do when we were younger. This can develop into a life-changing problem as we age. We often gradually lose our ability to do simple tasks like standing up from a sitting position without help or going up and down stairs by ourselves.

Even though diet and exercise are critically important in maintaining good muscle health we also need the assistance of a good antiaging  health supplement. These extra amino acids provide our body with the building blocks it needs to counter the aging process.

Basic Amino Acid Information

There are twenty known amino acids. The body produces many amino acids on its own. They are called non essential amino acids. However, there are nine amino acids the body can't produce by itself.  They must be ingested in our daily diet. They are referred to as "essential amino acids" or simply "EAA".

When the body makes more protein than it breaks down we are in an anabolic state. When the body doesn't make enough protein to supply its needs we are in what is called a catabolic state.

When the body is under extreme stress it can quickly use up it's amino acid reserves. This is also true if we are bedridden for a period of time. Under these conditions our muscles will atrophy because the body needs our amino acids for other critical metabolic processes.

As we age, if we don't get the amino acids the body needs we can develop what is called "adult onset muscle loss". This leads to loss of strength and a limitation on our physical activities. To state that amino acids are critically important for our vitality and longevity is an understatement!

Can I Just Eat More Protein?

Just eating more protein-rich foods will not solve the problem of muscle loss. Again, it is not just an issue of the quantity of protein that we ingest. The essential amino acids need to be in the proper ratio one to another. Our body needs balanced amino acids in order to trigger protein synthesis. Also, by adding protein to our diet we will also be adding unnecessary amino acids.

Amino Acids and Blood Sugar

Many senior citizens have elevated blood sugar or glucose levels. This lead to diabetes. The Diabetes Council states that 86 million adults have prediabetes! They estimate that between 15% and 30% of those who are prediabetic will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime.

This disease can lead to heart attack, stroke, blindness, loss of a limp due to infection, and kidney disease! It is a serious health problem here in the U.S.

The body stores glucose in the muscles. They act as a glucose reservoir. As we lose muscle mass our ability to store glucose diminishes. This extra glucose is poured back into the bloodstream which in time can lead to diabetes. 

The best way to fight against elevated blood sugar levels in the bloodstream is to exercise regularly in order to rebuild muscle mass.

Along with exercise, you can increase your body's ability to scavenge glucose from the blood by taking an antiaging health supplement containing balanced amino acids on a regular basis. Many people who do report positive results in just 30 days of daily use.

Myohealth vs Whey Protein Isolates

Several scientific studies done by researchers worldwide show that Dr. Wolfe's unique and patented amino acid supplement is three times more effective than whey protein isolates in increasing muscle mass.

Whey protein isolate contains ten percent carbohydrates. Also, an increase in the consumption of whey protein adds both essential and non-essential amino acids to the body. Up to fifty percent of what you are taking is not necessary and is basically wasted. 

The profile of the essential amino acids in whey protein isolate is inferior to the formula created by Dr. Wolfe. Some essential amino acids are more important than others but each one plays an important role and needs to be present in the formula to make them effective in the body.

Again, the EAA needs to be in proper balance or ratio to maximize their effectiveness. Due to the fact that the EAA profile in whey protein isolates is inferior an increase in its consumption will not ever match the superior amino acid balance found in Dr. Wolfe's formula.

Myohealth vs Branch Chain Amino Acids

Dr. Wolfe's formulation is also more effective at building muscle mass than products containing Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).

These BCAAs contain only three of the necessary nine amino acids required by the body to survive and prosper.

The key to Dr. Wolfe's formula is the fact that it is balanced nutritionally and contains all nine of the essential amino acids in the proper amounts and ratios. 

The Science Behind Myohealth!

This natural antiaging health supplement was formulated based on the years of study and research by Dr. Robert R. Wolfe (PH.D.), a recognized expert in the field of amino acids and muscle health.

Dr. Wolfe has been involved in 25 clinical human trials that form the framework for the research that led to the creation of this revolutionary antiaging health supplement.

This research cost over 20 million dollars and was provided by the National Institute of Health!

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