ASEA Health Benefits

New Scientific Study Shows ASEA May Help Improve Your Health!

Science is now verifying the many ASEA health benefits! Just recently the prestigious North Carolina Research Institute released its findings of a double blind study they conducted using ASEA.

The study was conducted under the direction of researcher Dr. David Nieman of Appalachian State University and his team of PHDs.

The university's Human Performance Laboratory specializes in the study of nutritional supplements on exercise and exertion.

How Was the Study Conducted?

In the study salt water was used as the placebo. One group of participants was given 2 ounces of ASEA twice a day while the control group was given the salt water the same number of times.

The participants had blood drawn before and after they began the study's exercise regimen. This lasted seven days and then there was a washout period before the groups were switched. The salt water group began receiving ASEA twice a day and the other group the salt water. Researchers giving the participants the two liquids did not know which liquid they were giving to the participants.

What Were the Results of the Study?

The researchers were taken back by the study's results! One researcher simply couldn't believe the results. Dr. Nieman and his research team discovered that ASEA has a profound effect on the metabolites of the human body. The startling thing is these changes occurred before the participants in this study began their exercise program.

Researchers anticipated there would be some improvement in the metabolite markets but they thought they would come after participants had exercised not before.

The study revealed that ASEA was being used by the body for fuel before it used muscle glycogen. That would be the reason why a person has more energy at the end of the day the body's energy stores are being held in reserve for a longer period of time.

How Can I Benefit From This Study?

You can take advantage of the many ASEA health benefits knowing that there is real science behind the product and not just hype.

By taking ASEA on a regular basis you may be able to improve your strength and stamina significantly. You can have more energy and vitality each and every day.

The study showed that there may be an additional ASEA health benefit and that is the possibility of weight loss. If a person wants to lose weight they can drink four ounces of ASEA per day along with regular exercise. Their body will begin using the fatty acids in their adipose fat tissue to convert to energy as they continue to exercise. Keep in mind you have to exercise on a consistent basis in order for the ASEA to begin stimulating the body's use of fatty acids in adipose tissue.

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