Top Benefits of Rose Oil!

The list of the benefits of rose oil is a long one! Not only does it provide  amazing benefits to the skin it also has a profound effect on our emotions!

  • Helps rejuvenate aging skin
  • Use on skin problems like Rosacea, acne or dermatitis
  • Helps lift mood
  • Relaxing and calming

Rose oil is said to have the highest frequency of all the essential oils! It has been measured at 320 MHz while lavender oil was measured at just 118 MHz.

The healthy human body vibrates at between 62 MHz and 70 MHz. If the body's frequency dips below 62 MHz the cells begin to mutate! 

Why is Rose Oil so Expensive?

Rose flowers are harvested by hand not by a machine. It is a labor intensive process. Workers (mostly women) begin their arduous task early in the morning. The harvesting of the roses must be completed by sunrise in order to preserve the delicate chemistry contained in the petals. 

The rose petals must be distilled the same day they are picked. This insures the highest quality and most beneficial rose oil. 

There is not a lot of oil in roses and so it takes thousands of petals to yield enough oil to fill just a small 5 ML bottle.  

A combination of the labor intensive work and the large number of rose petals required to make rose oil are the main reasons this amazing essential oil is so expensive!

There three basic products that are derived from rose flowers

Rose otto which is steam distilled from the rose petals. This oil is clear in color and has the intoxicating aroma of fresh roses. This is the true essential oil that is so highly prized by aromatherapists and others.

Rose absollute is processed using solvents. This oil is darker in color and has a stronger smell. The perfume industry use this type of rose oil to add to perfume and other products.

Rose hydrosol is derived from the steam that is used to extract the oil from rose petals. This is sometimes referred to as rose water. It contains some of the properties of the rose Otto but is much less expensive! It has a very light fragrance. 

More Rose Oil Uses!

Here are some additional benefits of rose oil:

  • Eye Infections
  • Digestive Issues
  • Improve Circulation
  • Chest Congestion

Which Countries Produce Rose Oil?

Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose) is grown commercially in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Uzbekistan
  • Syria

Bulgaria is the largest exporter of rose oil and produces up to half of the world's commercial rose oil! The country's rose industry is located in the Rose Valley just south of the Balkan Mountains

Rose Oil Studies!

Scientific studies show rose essential oil (rosa damascena) has several health benefits:

  • A March 2018 study showed rosa damascena helped relieve pain and anxiety in the first stage of labor
  • A study indicated that an extract of rosa damascena may help in the treatment of non-alchohoic fatty liver disease.
  • A 2017 human random double-blinded, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial showed promise in reducing the pain in certain patients with migraine headaches.
  • A study conducted in Iran concluded that "Inhalation aromatherapy with damask rose could be effective for relieving the pain caused after dressing in patients with burns. Therefore, it could be suggested as a complementary therapy in burn patients for pain relief."

There are several additional scientific studies that highlight the health benefits of rose oil!

Where to Buy Rose Oil?

Rose oil is available at many health food stores, whole food markets and online. Due to the high cost of rose oil my wife and I use rose absolute instead of rose oil.

The company we use for most of our essential oils has been in business for over twenty years! It is a small family owned business and has great customer service.

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