Build Muscle After Sixty!

Why Do We Lose Muscle As We Age?

Yes, you can build muscle after sixty! Keep in mind, that after forty, the body begins to lose its ability to synthesize or make protein. It simply becomes less efficient at this important metabolic process. This causes the body to begin to lose muscle mass. This can have a big impact on our health. It can affect our blood sugar levels, our cholesterol both good and bad, and our ability to perform everyday tasks like walking up and down stairs. 

Eventually, we can reach a point where we suffer from what is called "adult-onset muscle loss" or sarcopenia. This can happen to us even if we are active, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. It is simply harder for the body to build muscle after forty years of age! The body becomes what is termed "anabolic resistant"

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein! Without them, our body cannot function properly. As a matter of fact, we cannot survive without amino acids. Our muscles are the reservoir of amino acids. When the body requires more of them especially when it is under stress it takes them from our muscles. 

There are twenty known amino acids. The body makes eleven of these amino acids but we have to acquire the other nine through our diet or supplementation. These are known as essential amino acids. 

If we have ever been in the hospital or bedridden for any length of time our muscles begin to atrophy. The body needs the amino acids in muscle tissue for other organs and vital functions. We can still lose muscle mass during a hospital stay even if we are taking amino acids! The reason is due to our lack of physical exercise.

A person will still benefit by taking balanced essential amino acids even if they don't exercise regularly, it just takes longer! You will see faster results if you exercise while taking the right amino acid supplements!

Build Muscle After Sixty By Exercising Correctly!

You can build muscle after sixty but don't try and lift the way you did when you were twenty! It is better to use lighter weights and increase the number of repetitions. When I go to the gym to workout I try and do three sets of ten repetitions for most (not all) exercises. 

As we get older we need to use caution to make sure we avoid injury by trying to lift too much weight. This is especially true if you are just starting to exercise after a long layoff. It is better to start with lighter weights and add heavier ones as you get stronger. I think the temptation is to think we can lift as much weight as we did when we were younger. As an older adult, we are trying to tone our muscles not add muscle bulk.

Another key to exercising correctly is to exercise on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be every day of the week but at least three times to maintain good muscle health. According to the National Institute on Aging, "To prevent injury, don’t jerk or thrust weights. Use smooth, steady movements." It is also good gym etiquette to not slam the weights. This creates unnecessary noise and can be distracting to others who are focusing on their individual workout.

If you would like to review an excellent resource that can help you set-up and follow through on a free exercise plan, I suggest you go to the Go4Life website;

You can build muscle after sixty years of age! It does take effort and consistency. It also helps to feed your body the fuel it needs to build muscle, balanced essential amino acids!

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