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News Update!

TriVita, Inc Featured in Major Industry Publication!

The Direct Selling News (DSN) spotlighted TriVita in its November 2012 edition. The article entitled "TriVita and Amazon Herb Company; Driven by Mission" was written by writer Barbara Seale.

The article highlights the mission of both companies. Their common goal is to take wellness to the world.

Specifically, Amazon Herb Company's purpose from day one was to let the world know about the many health benefits of botanicals from the Amazon rainforest. John Easterling, the founder of AHC, is also passionate about empowering the native peoples of this remote region of the world.

In like manner, TriVita's founder and CEO went on a personal mission to overcome his own health problems. As a result TriVita, Inc. was born in 1999. The company continues to flourish under Michael Ellison's leadership and is now the 70th largest direct selling company in the world.

Major Announcements from TriVita, Inc.!

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Marcus Ellison and his wife, Annie, announced the launch of the TriVita Academy! The purpose of this academy is to provide training for both new and experienced Independent TriVita Business Owners (ITBOs). This training will consist of:

  • Online conference calls
  • Regional training meetings
  • 90 day training course for new Independent TriVita Business Owners
  • Ongoing business and product training
Marcus and Annie went on to announce the coming launch of the TriVita DETOX Challenge. This exciting promotion complete with new products will be available early next year. The official kick off date is January 11-12, 2013. Both Marcus and Annie have been using these new detox products and rave about the health benefits they have experienced first hand!

TriVita Opens New Office in Hong Kong!

It's official, in a ribbon cutting ceremony held on October 5, 2012, TriVita, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ officially opened its business office and wellness center in Hong Kong.

This is a big step in TriVita's goal of opening 100 international markets within 10 years. The health and wellness company is now doing business in 14 countries worldwide.

The new facility in Hong Kong is centrally located and includes not only office space but meeting and training rooms as well.

The company is building a series of wellness centers to promote TriVita's mission to take wellness to the world. Not only will Independent TriVita Business Owners receive training on the companies natural health supplements but general healthy life style information will be shared with the public. This information will be available not only at the newly opened Hong Kong wellness center but online as well.

TriVita Announces Product Reformulation & New TV Infomercial!

On a company webinar, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Marcus Ellison announced that TriVita's Adaptogen anti stress drink has been reformulated and repackaged. The amount of grape juice in the product has been increased to improve the taste. The smart, new bottle is purple to match its contents. The product's name has been changed to Adaptuit to reflect the new look and flavor. All the health promoting ingredients remain the same. The company receives more positive feed back from its customers on Adaptogen than any other product in their line except for Nopalea.

TriVita is also producing a new infomercial featuring the new Adaptuit product. This new TV program will begin broadcast on cable stations the first quarter of 2013.

Another New Infomercial Coming!

September 11, 2012 - TriVita Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing announced that the company is in the process of producing a new infomercial for its Nopalea cactus juice drink. The company's video film crew flew to Mexico to record the harvesting of the nopal cactus fruit on location. This new TV program will feature many testimonials from people who have successfully used Nopalea to improve their health. The new infomercial is scheduled to be released in November of 2012. This new TV program is expected to further enhance the company's entry into the competitive liquid nutrition market. To date over six million bottles of Nopalea have been sold since its introduction to the public in March of 2009.

It's Official!

On August 31, 2012, a special signing ceremony was held at TriVita, Inc.'s corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. In attendance was TriVita's founder and CEO, Michael Ellison, his wife Susan, Amazon Herb Company founder, John Easterling, his wife, Olivia Newton-John and other company executives.

This special event was the official signing of the merger and acquisition of Amazon Herb Company by TriVita, Inc. The merger will take several months to complete. The data bases of the two companies should be completed by the end of 2012.

When the merger is complete TriVita and Amazon Herb Company distributors will be able to purchase product from each company and receive full credit for bonuses and rank advancement. The TriVita compensation plan will then be available to all Amazon Herb Company distributors.

TriVita is already working on a new infomercial that will feature Amazon Herb Company's Zamu wellness drink. This product is being reformulated under the direction of TriVita's Chief Science Officer, Brazos Minschew and John Easterling. Olivia Newton-John will appear in this new TV program along with her husband.

TriVita Merges With Amazon Herb Company

An August 5th news release reveals that TriVita, Inc. headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona has acquired and is merging with Amazon Herb Company based in Jupiter, Florida.

The founder of Amazon Herb Company, John Easterling, in consultation with his top field leaders, approached TriVita about joining forces back in November of 2011.

Amazon Herb Company has been in business for 22 years and specializes in marketing natural health supplements sourced from the plants, fruits and trees of the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon John's mission was not only to produce highly effective natural formulas but to also support the indigenous peoples of this region of the world. John felt that if the Amazon people had title to their own land and realized it is much more valuable for its native plants than for its timber or mineral deposits the people would help preserve the rainforest.

Both companies can now join forces to make this a reality!

Big TriVita News!

Tuesday night, November 1, 2011, TriVita, Inc. CEO and Founder, Michael Ellison, announced to a packed webinar audience that the company is now officially doing business in ten new countries in Europe and Southeast Asia! Last year, the company set a goal to spread wellness to 100 countries in 10 years. This is the second big step toward that goal.

The ten new countries are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

Nopalea will be shipped from the U.S. to these countries. The company has set up special Customer Support numbers for Europe and for Asia. There is also a new international support website at Click to chat is available on a regular basis.

The TriVita website is now live with the additional countries. Affiliate Members will be paid once a month in there own currency. You can purchase Nopalea using Visa, Master Charge, Discover or AMEX credit cards. No coop advertising will be available to International Affiliate Members.

This latest announcement from TriVita is welcome news to the Affiliate Members who have contacts in one or more of these ten countries.

How Is Nopalea Sweetened?

For those of you who may have tried Nopalea juice know that it is sweet to the taste. It is sweetened with clarified agave syrup. Agave is another beneficial plant that grows wild in the Sonoran Desert. It is related to the aloe vera plant. Traditionally, agave has been used in the production of tequila, a strong alcoholic drink from the country of Mexico.

You can now buy agave in most super markets including Wal Mart. It is a great addition to cereal, pancakes or as a sugar substitute when baking.

It is also used as a food additive because it is sweeter than regular sugar and is healthier for you. A little agave goes a long ways. It also has a low glycemic index and can be used by many diabetes sufferers.

Because of its many health benefits agave syrup is used in Nopalea juice in lieu of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

What We Can't Say About Nopalea!

At times I receive questions from visitors to this website asking me if Nopalea will help resolve certain health issues like:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rhumetoid Arthritis
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Osteoarthrtis
  • Hepatitis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
We are prohibited from making any claims that Nopalea cures, heals or treats any health condition or disease. What we can say is this cactus juice drink can aid the body in reducing pain and inflammation.

It is interesting to note that in Australia this product has received official government approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

New Dates Announced for 2012 Galaxy of Stars

The Galaxy of Stars is TriVita, Inc.'s premier annual event where their Affiliate Members and corporate staff meet for business and product training, to listen to motivational speakers and to hear the latest corporate updates and news.

As announced during this week’s weekly webinar, the new dates for the 2012 Galaxy of Stars (GOS) are 26th July through 28th July. Because recognition of Affiliates’ impressive achievements is a highlight of the GOS each year, the new dates will allow us to recognise your accomplishments up to June advancements. The new dates also enable us to secure more accommodations at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa to meet the demand. The new dates also provide more time between the annual Director Leadership Forum and GOS.

Be sure to mark your calendars for 26-28 July, 2012 and we look forward to seeing you for another unforgettable event!

Nopal Cactus Juice May Prevent Nickel Poisoning From Harming Laboratory Rats

Food Chem Toxicol. 2008 Dec;46(12):3759-63. Epub 2008 Oct 4. Protective effect of cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) cladode extract upon nickel-induced toxicity in rats. Hfaiedh N, Allagui MS, Hfaiedh M, Feki AE, Zourgui L, Croute F. Source

Unité de recherche Biochimie macromoléculaire et Génétique, Faculté des Sciences, 2133 Gafsa, Tunisia. Abstract

The purpose of this study carried out on male Wistar rats, was to evaluate the protective effects of regular ingestion of juice from the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) cladodes against nickel chloride toxicity. Rats were given either normal tap water or water containing 25% of cactus juice for one month. Then, rats of each group were injected daily, for 10 days, with either NiCl(2) solution (4mg (30micromol)/kg body weight) or with the same volume of saline solution (300mM NaCl). Significant increases of lactate dehydrogenase, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase activities and of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels were observed in blood of nickel-treated rats. In the liver, nickel chloride was found to induce an oxidative stress evidenced by an increase in lipid peroxidation and changes in antioxidant enzymes activities. Superoxide-dismutase (SOD) activity was found to be increased whereas glutathione peroxidase and catalase activities were decreased. These changes did not occur in animals previously given cactus juice, demonstrating a protective effect of this vegetal extract.

[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

TriVita Launches Two New Products – Fruits ‘n VegEZ™ and Cholestria™

TriVita is thrilled to announce the launch of two new products, Fruits ‘n VegEZ and Cholestria.

“I’m thrilled about the introduction of our two new products,” said Sargon Daniel, TriVita’s Product Marketing Director. “And it’s just in time for our biggest Galaxy of Stars event to date! Cholestria provides a natural solution in our battle with cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. And Fruits ‘n VegEZ will help us reach our five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables our bodies need every day.”

Fruits ‘n VegEZ is a fast, delicious and EZ solution for anyone needing to supplement their diet with more fruits and vegetables. According to the USDA, 75 percent of Americans fail to meet the minimum requirements of five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Just one scoop of Fruits ‘n VegEZ delivers an ORAC (the measurement of a food's antioxidant activity) value of 3000 the antioxidant equivalent of five servings of fruits and vegetables. Fruits ‘n VegEZ provides a full spectrum of benefits with a variety of over 30 fruits and vegetables from around the world with only 20 calories and less than one gram of sugar.

Cholestria is a natural cholesterol improvement supplement for people who wish to reduce their high LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and increase their low HDL levels (good cholesterol). Cholestria’s unique formulation helps in two critical ways – dietary cholesterol and genetic cholesterol. Receive special introductory pricing on Cholestria of Buy One, Get One Half Off through Aug. 31, 2011.

Visit TriVita's website> for more information or to purchase these great new products!

TriVita Australia/New Zealand: Exciting Website Updates Now Available. launches for Aussies and Kiwis

The new customer websites for both Australians and New Zealanders launch 1st September at Aussies and Kiwis will now have access to health and wellness information; an online Special Edition VitaJournal; as well as three new products – Vital C™ Crystal Powder, Vital C™ Time Release Crystal Tablets and Energy Now!®.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said Todd Rimmer, TriVita Australia’s National Sales Director, “as it shows our commitment to continuing to offer Australians and New Zealanders a full range of tools and products to grow your TriVita businesses.”

The current customer website, will remain available until 1st September. Effective 1st September, it will automatically forward to

TriVita Joins Facebook!

Use “Friends of Nopalea” Page on Facebook to Attract Customers, Drive Sales Posted by: Affiliate Member Marketing on September 23, 2011

Fan page unites Nopalea users in sharing their experiences across the globe Social media has become a valuable tool for sharing information and relationships with others – both personally and in business. Recently, TriVita launched its new fan page on the social networking website, Facebook, called “Friends of Nopalea.” Take advantage of this amazing resource to attract new customers and drive your sales. This page is a place for people to share their experiences with Nopalea and to reach out to friends and family across the globe so that they, too, may experience the benefits of Nopalea.

As TriVita continues its mission to reach 100 countries in 10 years, social media is an important step in reaching out to people across the globe.

For instructions on how to become a “Friend of Nopalea” or to learn how to utilize the “Friends of Nopalea” page to expand your TriVita Wellness Business, click here. As a “friend of Nopalea”, you may not post links or contact information on the page – this is a page for Nopalea enthusiasts to share their product experiences, free from solicitation. To read the Terms & Conditions, click here.

Research Study Measures Antioxidant Value of Nopal Cactus

Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2010 Sep;65(3):210-6. By-products of Opuntia ficus-indica as a source of antioxidant dietary fiber. Bensadón S, Hervert-Hernández D, Sáyago-Ayerdi SG, Goñi I. Source

Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Health Unit UCM/CSIC, Department of Nutrition I, Faculty of Pharmacy, University Complutense of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Abstract

Dietary fiber and bioactive compounds are widely used as functional ingredients in processed foods. The market in this field is competitive and the development of new types of quality ingredients for the food industry is on the rise. Opuntia ficus-indica (cactus pear) produces edible tender stems (cladodes) and fruits with a high nutritional value in terms of minerals, protein, dietary fiber and phytochemicals; however, around 20% of fresh weight of cladodes and 45% of fresh weight of fruits are by-products. The objective of this study was therefore to determine the nutritional value of by-products obtained from cladodes and fruits from two varieties of Opuntia ficus-indica, examining their dietary fiber and natural antioxidant compound contents in order to obtain quality ingredients for functional foods and increase the added value of these by-products.

PMID: 20623195 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

TriVita is pleased to announce the kosher version of Nopalea is now available for purchase for both phone orders and on the web at

TriVita was granted kosher certification for Nopalea in March and offers the kosher version of this top-selling product, in addition to its original version.

The certification was granted by the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union and the kosher version of Nopalea bears the OU certification, which certifies it as kosher pareve.

The new kosher version of Nopalea accompanies the original version to give the popular product an even broader appeal, attracting not only those who follow a kosher diet for religious reasons, but also the quickly-growing base of health-conscious consumers who follow the kosher diet for health reasons.

Nopalea cactus juice is now available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

TriVita's flagship product Sublingual B-12 is also available in all the countries listed above.

TriVita has begun its international expansion and plans on doing business in 100 countries within 10 years. The company's goal is to take wellness to the world!

TriVita Company Information

TriVita, Inc. just celebrated its 12 year anniversary. The company opened its doors in July of 1999. For the past decade they have been providing health conscious consumers with pharmaceutical grade health supplements.

The company's lead product was sublingual B12 and hundreds of thousands of boxes have been sold. After eleven years it is still one of TriVita's top selling products.

In March of 2009, the TriVita Corporation introduced Nopalea cactus juice, a health and wellness drink based on the fruit of the nopal cactus. This is the first of many products under the label of Sonoran Bloom. All of these new products contain ingredients found in plants indigenous to the Sonoran Desert.

Nopalea cactus juice has quickly become TriVita's top selling product. This one product now accounts for 68% of all company sales! As a result company growth has accelerated nationwide at a rapid pace. More products from the Sonoran Bloom line are to follow in the near future.

Cooperative Marketing

TriVita is a direct sales company with an interesting twist! The company attracts most of its customers through television infomercials, radio and print media.

They have a cooperative marketing program where independent Business Affiliates can purchase paying customers (not leads) from the company! This allows TriVita to put together large advertising campaigns. It also gives the independent Business Affiliates the opportunity to build a large customer base.

The Independent Business Owner is paid 21% of their customers orders for as long as they are customers. It is a great way to create residual income.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of TriVita's business model is the ratio of customers to distributors. Traditional direct selling companies market a high percentage of their products to their own sales force. With TriVita it is just the opposite 90% their sales volume is generated by customers interested in purchasing their quality line of health products.

Company Information

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the creation of its President and CEO, Michael Ellison and his partner, Barry Borthistle.

Michael comes from an advertising background. Due to his own health challenges he wanted to do something that would benefit peoples' lives in a direct way. Barry comes from a successful 25 year career in sales and marketing. Barry was a successful developer of four independent direct sales businesses before he joined forces with Michael Ellison.

Michael has over thirty years of successful business experience. He founded Ellison Media Company; Global Duplication & Fulfillment; as well as Ellison Research.

Barry served as the corporate president of an international $200 million marketing company. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Direct Sales Association in his native Canada. In 1997, Barry was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Award and the Price-Waterhouse Recognition for New Start-Up Companies award in 1996.

TriVita, Inc. combines the latest up-to-date information and resources from the medical community with the most current scientific breakthroughs in nutrition and alternative medicine. Each product is made under the strictest quality controls in the natural health supplement industry.

Medical Institutions & Universities

TriVita has established relationships with prestigious medical institutions to provide research support to the products and claims of the wellness products offered to its Members.

Arizona State University manages the research projects ensuring the methodologies used are acceptable for review in the scientific world. ASU enlists researchers in renowned universities and medical institutions to conduct controlled product studies.

TriVita's Product Guidelines

Every product TriVita develops meets these strict guidelines:

  • Physician-approved formulas Our medical board uses their extensive health and nutrition knowledge to approve proprietary Sonoran Bloom supplements based on the latest scientific research and the health and wellness concerns of our Members.

  • Patented absorption systems Unlike other supplements that can be difficult to absorb, Sonoran Bloom supplements are developed for maximum absorption and effect.

  • Controlled laboratory studies Signature products from TriVita undergo medical studies and trials at accredited universities and medical centers to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Purest natural ingredients TriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrients available to create effective, body-friendly formulas without caffeine, mood-altering stimulants or harmful chemicals.

  • Pharmaceutical-grade quality We voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Third-party testing and certification In addition to our own quality control, we commission third-party testing and research to guarantee that our products are full potency and meet all regulatory standards.

  • Quality-controlled packaging and production Safety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each product at least 10 times and use two safety seals per package on all ingestible products to guarantee safety, freshness and product potency.

  • Product innovation TriVita’s commitment to science is a driving force behind superior quality products like Sonoran Bloom, all the way from formulation to production. Led by our Chief Science Officer and renowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmost care into creating products that deliver positive and lifelong wellness experiences for our members.

  • Medical advisory board TriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physicians provide us with the latest information on scientific developments and testing methods.

  • Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed We promise to provide the best customer experience possible and offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products. 100 % Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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