The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Great for Hair and Skin

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The health benefits of coconut oil are varied and diverse but they are also powerful. Users of this mid chain fatty acid rave about how coconut oil when taken internally improves their energy and how when used topically it smooths their skin and nourishes their hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair

Listed below are some suggested uses of coconut oil for hair care:

  • Melt a few drops and use as a scalp massage. It rinses out without leaving a greasy residue. Coconut oil does not irritate the scalp
  • Coconut oil helps to keep your hair in place and makes hair feel soft to the touch
  • Tame your hair frizzies with coconut oil
  • Add coconut oil to your shampoo and conditioner
  • Mix coconut oil with almond oil to make a hair mask

Coconut Oil For Skin

Certified organic coconut oil does not contain any harmful ingredients. It may feel greasy at first but it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and smooth. If you apply too much just use a towel to pat off the excess oil. Coconut oil firms the skin.

Some additional coconut oil for skin suggestions:

  • Use coconut oil as a natural skin lotion
  • Use coconut oil on your face and neck to make them look more youthful
  • Use coconut oil to soothe a skin rash
  • After shaving your legs smooth on some coconut oil
  • Coconut oil adds moisture to dry feet and elbows
  • Use coconut oil on facial breakouts and blemishes
  • Mix coconut oil with other oils to make your own skin moisturizer
  • Use as a massage oil
  • Mix with crushed oatmeal to make a wonderful moisturizing scrub
  • Use coconut oil to take off your make-up
  • Use coconut oil for dry, itchy, irritated skin
  • Use coconut oil to get rid of cradle cap in children
  • Put some coconut oil in a baby food jar and use for diaper rash

Coconut Oil Uses

  • Spread coconut oil on your toast in place of butter or margarine. Add cinnamon and agave nectar.
  • Use coconut oil to cook stove top popcorn. It gives your popcorn a nice coconut flavor.
  • Drizzle coconut oil over your microwave popcorn after it is done
  • Add coconut oil to your pie crust recipe
  • Add it to your favorite cake recipe. It helps your cakes to come out nice and fluffy.
  • Use coconut oil to your chocolate chip cookie recipes
  • Try it in muffins too for added flavor
  • Saute' your onions in coconut oil for a wonderful sweet onion taste
  • Use coconut oil in place of butter on steamed vegetables
  • Add coconut oil to your favorite smoothie recipe
  • Make a healthy coconut tea
  • Mix coconut oil with olive oil and vinegar to make a healthy salad dressing
  • Add coconut oil to your soups and sauces for a delicious coconut flavor
  • Good for frying eggs, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes and even pancakes

More Coconut Oil Uses

  • Use as a topping for waffles or French toast
  • Add to yogurt and fruit
  • Add to cooked rice instead of butter or margarine
  • Add coconut oil to your favorite granola recipe
  • Add coconut oil to your cooked oatmeal in the mornings
  • Use on your baked potatoes rather than butter
  • Saute salmon steaks or white fish dishes in coconut oil
  • Use coconut oil when you cook grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Frying eggs or in an omelet coconut oil gives your egg dishes a great flavor
  • Add coconut oil to your brownie recipe
  • Spread coconut oil on your freshly cooked corn on the cob
  • Add coconut oil to your banana bread recipe
  • Add coconut oil to your hot chocolate
  • Add coconut oil to your milk substitute like soy milk and rice milk
  • Use for green fried tomatoes

Coconut Oil Uses for Pets

  • Add coconut oil to your dogs' food if they are itching and scratching themselves all the time
  • Give coconut oil to your pets to improve their coats and kill parasites

Coconut Oil Side Effects

There are few side effects to taking coconut oil on a regular basis either internally or topically. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. So, when taking coconut oil you may experience a die off of bad bacteria in your digestive tract. This may cause mild diarrhea until your body adjusts.

Most coconut oil users who apply this oil to their skin will not suffer any adverse reactions. You may be allergic or sensitive to coconut oil and could have your skin break out as a result. When first applying coconut oil to your skin use it on a small area to see if there is any negative reaction.

Coconut oil is safe to use internally even if you are pregnant or nursing. Again, use caution if you have never used or taken coconut oil previous to your pregnancy.

Coconut Oil Research

There is a large volume of anecdotal evidence supporting the health benefits of coconut oil. There is also a growing body of scientific evidence supporting the claim that coconut oil has specific health benefits. Although there is not any conclusive scientific evidence of the health benefits of coconut oil there have been a number of promising research studies completed.

Many of the conclusions resulting from coconut oil research have been positive. The researches almost invariably comment in the conclusions of their reports that additional research needs to be done. We concur with this conclusion. We welcome additional research on the health benefits of coconut oil and on other natural health supplements as well.

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