Use Liposome Technology to Improve Your Health!

What is a Liposome?

A liposome is a lipid (fat) layer or bubble that surrounds either a nutrient or medication. This lipid layer protects the nutrients or medication from being degraded by the acids in the digestive tract.

These lipids are very similar to the make up of the cell membrane. When a liposome comes in contact with a cell it is able to attach itself to the cell membrane. The cell receptors recognize this lipid layer as being beneficial to the body and allows it to merge with the cell itself.

During this process the nutrients or medication within the lipid bubble are released into the interior of the cell. Not only are the nutrients and medication now bioavailable to the body but the lipids themselves help to strengthen the wall of the cell membrane. Your body receives double the health benefits!

Liposome technology has been around for thirty years. This technology has been used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry in chemotherapy and anesthesia drugs. Many of the patents on this technology are expiring! That has made it possible for wider application of this super delivery system.

Liposome technology is now being used by some cutting edge health supplement manufacturers. This is creating quite a stir in the health supplement industry! Imagine the impact on your health if you were able to take supplements that are 90% absorbed by your body rather than just 10%! That is a major difference!

Health Supplements That Use Liposome Technology

Currently, you can find vitamin C, curcumin, resveratrol, B vitamins, and glutathione supplements that use this advanced delivery technology. 

I have also recently discovered a line of natural health supplements that uses this cutting edge manufacturing process in more complex formulations. One of these new formulas is a liquid health supplement that combats inflammation in the body. It is also used to improve joint health and flexibility. 

The new liposomal supplements come in different forms. You can find the traditional capsules or sachets filled with powdered ingredients, liquid in a 32 oz bottle or a thicker liposomal supplement that is sprayed into the mouth for quick absorption.

Curcumin and Reservatrol

There are many popular health supplements for women and men that contain resveratrol or curcumin. There is a problem however! Neither one of these nutrients is easily absorbed by the body! This is due to their large molecular structure! 

As a result the absorption rate of these two popular nutrients is very low! In spite of this fact health conscious consumers spend millions of dollars a year on natural health supplements containing these ingredients!

They are unfortunately getting very little actual health benefits from these two nutrients. Can you imagine how much more effective these supplements would be if 90% were utilized by the body instead of just 5%?

Your Brain Health

There are may brain supplements available that help to improve cognitive health, memory, manage stress and improve focus. Most of these supplements (not all) use pills or capsules as the delivery mechanism for their nutrients.

I have discovered that there is a brain supplement that uses this new lipid technology to dramatically improve nutrient absorption in the body This supplement could be a breakthrough and have a profound effect on brain or cognitive health for many individuals.


Liposome technology is here to stay in the natural health supplement industry! In time more and more supplement formulators will use this revolutionary technology to improve their product's absorption and effectiveness in the body!

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