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Do you have any natural home remedies that have been used in your family for years? It could be something as simple as mixing honey and lemon juice to relieve a sore throat and cough. Our goal on this page is to share easy to use home remedies with our readers.

Chest Cold Remedy

Would you like to learn a natural home remedy that is effective in breaking up chest congestion? A chest cold can be miserable! Constant coughing can keep you and your spouse up at night. A congested child can keep the whole family up.

Here is a natural home remedy that we have used to help get rid of heavy chest congestion.

The first step is to take one medium to large sized onion (depending on the age and size of the person being treated) and chop it well in a blender. The onion will look almost like paste after it is chopped up.

The next step is to place an old towel on top of the sheets. This will protect the sheets and mattress from any contact with the runny onion juice.

Have the person who is being treated lay down on the bed face up with their chest and upper back over the towel. Take the chopped onion mix and spoon it on to the person's bare chest. Next, take saran wrap and cover the onion poultice so it is completely covered. The final step is to place on top of the saran wrap a hot pad turned up to medium high heat. Leave the onion poultice in place for thirty minutes.

After this all natural treatment has been completed, the person should notice the congestion beginning to loosen and break up in the their chest. Have them expel as much of the congestion and phlem out of the body as possible. Also, keep in mind that the treated person will smell like onions for a couple of days afterwards. This small discomfort is worth the price if it speeds a person's recovery from a miserable chest cold.

Sore Throat Remedy

Have you ever had a sore throat so bad it hurt just to swallow? Unfortunately, I think most of us have. It is especially miserable when our children have this problem. Here is a natural home remedy that we have successfully used to lessen a severe sore throat.

The first step is to place two wet wash clothes in the freezer. Leave them there for thirty minutes or until the wash clothes are cold but not frozen.

The next step is to take one of the cold wash clothes and place it tightly around the person who is being treated. Leave it in place for 5 minutes then remove. Place the cold wash cloth back in the freezer for later use.

Next, place a hot wash cloth on the person's neck in the area of the sore throat for 5 minutes. Make sure the hot wash cloth isn't too hot! Leave in place for 5 minutes and remove, then place another cold wash cloth on the neck.

Do this three times; cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, hot! After the last hot wash cloth has been removed, wrap a wool scarf around the person's neck who is being treated and leave in place for 30 minutes.

We have found this simple natural home remedy to be effective with even severe sore throats!

Cough Remedy

A nagging cough can be irritating not only for you but for your family and friends as well. My wife has had a cough last literally for months. Here is a simple but effective "home remedy" that gets excellent results.

Take a jar of Mentholatum or Vicks Vapor rub and apply the contents generously to the bottom of your feet just before you go to bed at night. Next, put on an old pair of socks. The warm sensation of this product will relax you and as you begin to breathe the vapors the congestion in your chest will begin to loosen. In the morning your cough should be gone or greatly reduced.

The "Morter March" (aerobic exercise)

Dr. Ted Morter is a chiropractor who is the developer of the famous "Morter March". This is a technique designed to help you improve your balance and stretch your large muscles so you feel more "centered" and relaxed. It is a great exercise for seniors who begin to lose their sense of balance as they grow older. The "Morter March" is a simple exercise to master and does not require a lot of physical exertion. You begin by standing upright with your feet together; step forward with your left foot while leaving your right foot and heel on the ground; raise your right arm forward at a 45 degree angle while your left arm is thrust backward at a 45 degree angle. Turn your head to the right and look up with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath and count to ten. While in this position slowly stretch your muscles. After the count of ten, step forward with your right foot, raise your left arm forward at a forty five degree angle, turn your head to the left with your eyes closed and look up. Take a deep breath and count to ten while slowly stretching your muscles. Continue for two to three minutes. Do the Morter March twice a day.

Natural Wart Remedy

Are you troubled with warts? Many suffer for years with this skin malady. Warts are caused by a virus (human papillomavirus) that causes the skin to grow at an abnormal rate. The skin forms a benign tumor that we refer to as a wart.

I have recently discovered a simple natural home remedy that really works to help remove warts permanently.

The first thing you need is you need is a small bottle of liquid colostrum. Thoroughly moisten a piece of toilet paper with the colostrum. Place the dampened toilet paper over the wart. Next, cover this dressing with a small piece of plastic wrap to keep it moist. Suggestion, do this at night so the colostrum has longer to work.

Liquid colostrum is great for all kinds of skin problems. It is beneficial for healing cuts or abrasions, eczema, rosacea, or acne. Colostum is especially effective in stopping nose bleeds. It really works!

Home Made Deodorant

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup corn starch
2-2 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil
Optional - 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix all ingredients together. They should look like "play dough". If the mixture is too runny or the oil separates add a bit more corn starch.

Natural Mouth Wash

Try this effective but inexpensive mouth wash recipe!
  • 16 ounces of stilled or spring water
  • 7-10 drops of peppermint essential oil (use only essential oils that have been approved for dietary use!
  • 5-7 drops of orange essential oil
  • 5-7 drops of lemon essential oil
Add all ingredients to a dark colored bottle. Shake before using as the water and essential oils will separate over time.

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We hope you have found these natural home remedies to be helpful for you and your family! If you have some favorite home remedies that you would like to share with others, please add them to the comments section below!

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