Natural Vitamin B supplement: Start Your Day With It, And Reorder Every Time You Run Out…

… Just like Krystal, Retired Marine Ron, and MDD diagnosed “E” do.

We spent the better part of a day reading, analyzing, and reviewing reviews. Searching for eye-popping, jaw-dropping testimonials.

Ladies and gentlemen, we found ‘m.

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin B Complex “I’ll be reordering!”

Krystal’s massage therapist recommended taking Pure Encapsulations B-Complex vitamins. They work to what we like to call the “I’m re-ordering” degree!


‘Great quality! Definitely works better than any other brand of B vitamins I’ve tried! I will be reordering!’

Takeaway: If the vitamins work, strongly consider reordering.

Thorne Research Vitamin B9 Capsules

Depending on this supplement to function normally in day-to-day life, MTHFR-mutated-gene-holder and MDD diagnosed “E” shares his honest experience. He uses Thorne’s Vitamin B9 as a mood stabilizer and reorders every time he runs out. Some of the benefits E experiences:

  • No longer quick to snap at others
  • Has the energy to get out of bed

Comparing that with the days he skips his daily intake: ‘I feel a significant difference on the days I skip out on taking my supplement every morning; my mood swings return full force, and I’m groggy and lethargic the entire day.’


‘I hope this helps anyone on the fence about this supplement, especially if they have recently found out they have an MTHFR gene mutation such as myself.’

Takeaway: Firstly, consult your physician. Secondly reorder every time you run out if it does wonders for your energy levels and moods.

Vitamin B12 – Retired Marine Ron uses Timed Released Nature Made Vitamin B12 to relieve his horrible back pain, and to function as a human being.

After a long career of jumping out of airplanes and helicopters with 125 lbs strapped to his back, Marine Veteran Ron got a nasty back injury. Now, he gets painful back injections at a famous Dallas hospital, every three months. But he refuses to take any pain medicines. Instead, Ron starts his day with at least 1500mcg of Nature Made Vitamin B12.  

Retired Marine Ron on his morning routine:

‘I start my day with 3000 or 1500 MG of this product and I swear to buy it to help me relieve this horrible pain so I can function like a human being…

Takeaway: When a vitamin works well, start your day with it.