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Matai Bay, New Zealand

Omega 3 supplements can dramatically improve your health! Studies show that diets high in these fatty acids can help reduce pain and the illnesses associated with heart disease and arthritis.

Omega 3 supplements can help you have good blood circulation and maintain a healthy heart. They are also known to play a crucial role in brain function as well as in the growth and development of children.

Omega 3s can help you maintain healthy triglyceride levels in your body. (Triglycerides are a type of blood fat.) They’ve also been positively linked with improved mental health and joint health.

The list of health benefits from omega 3 fatty acids continues to grow as more and more research is being published on this powerful health supplement!

My Recommendation

The Omega 3 supplements that I recommend come from New Zealand. They are manufactured by a company called Moxxor. Their Omega 3 capsules are a high potency and effective supplement. Moxxor's omega 3 product is 158 times more bioavailable than fish oil!

There are many omega 3 sources available to natural health supplement manufacturers but Moxxor has chosen just two to add to its product. Moxxor's source of the omega 3 oil comes primarily from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. This source of omega 3 oil is many times more powerful than traditional sources of fish oil. Moxxors' products are even more potent than the better known Norwegian fish oil.

Moxxor grows its green-lipped mussels on its own aquatic farms off the coast of New Zealand. The omega 3 oil is then carefully processed using their own proprietary methods in a state of the art plant. Moxxor controls the growing, harvesting, processing, packaging and shipping of its product from beginning to end!

This entire process is closely monitored on a regular basis by the New Zealand government to ensure quality and product safety. The ocean waters around the sea farms are checked daily by an independent laboratory for contaminants.

Moxxor uses a special cold pressed process to extract the natural omega 3 oils from the green lipped mussels. No heat or steam is used in this proprietary extraction process. This is truly a unique and effective natural omega 3 supplement.

Benefits of Omega 3 Supplements

Here is a partial list of ways you can benefit from taking this dynamic new product:

  • Reduces inflammation in the brain and other areas of the body
  • Helps autistic children and children with ADHT
  • Reduces seizures in children
  • Helps stabilize those with Bi Polar disorder
  • Improves vision - Strengthens the retina of the eye
  • Helps those who have suffered brain trauma
  • Regenerates damaged nerves
  • Helps manage pain
  • Helps with severe anxiety
  • Helps reduce lactic acid in the body. It is great after a hard workout.
  • Promotes increase of dopamines in the brain
  • Inhibits dementia and alzheimers disease
  • Helps control inflammation of the prostrate

Side Effects of Omega 3

There are no known side effects to taking the recommended dosage of Moxxor omega 3 capsules. However, those individuals who are allergic to shellfish should consult with their doctor before taking this product. It is also recommended that pregnant or nursing mothers consult with their healthcare professional before taking any omega 3 supplements.

What Makes Moxxor Different?

With so many fish oil products available in the marketplace it is important to understand what it is about Moxxor that makes it stand out from the rest of the omega 3 supplements.

  • All the omega oils are in proper balance with one another.
  • This product is more bio available and is 158 times more effective than omega oils from fish.
  • It is a food product not a drug or medication.
  • The product is left in its natural state, it is not altered.
  • It facilitates metabolism.
  • It works synergistically with medications.
  • It is a proprietary blend; the result of 20 years of research.
  • By using this product, allopathic medicines can be decreased
  • It helps neurotransmitters in the brain (they make the brain fire).
  • It helps the brain transmit information more effectively.
  • It helps repair cells quicker.

What is Moxxor?

This powerful, all natural product has only three ingredients:

  • green lipped mussel extract (oil)
  • grapeseed extract (powder)
  • kiwifruit seed extract (oil)

It is important to point out that Moxxor does not contain any of the following ingredients:

  • fillers
  • additives
  • colors
  • excipients
  • chemical solvents
  • preservatives

Omega 3 Research

There is a large volume of anecdotal evidence supporting the health claims by users of omega 3 oil. In addition to the personal experiences of many individuals there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting the reports that this long chain fatty acid has specific health benefits. Although there is not any conclusive scientific evidence of the health benefits of omega 3 oil there have been a number of promising research studies completed.

Many of the conclusions reached by researchers have been positive. These research scientists almost invariably comment on their reports that additional omega 3 research needs to be done. We concur with this conclusion. We welcome additional research on the health benefits of omega 3 and on other natural health supplements as well.

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