Confused About Which Probiotic Supplements to Take?

Guidelines For Choosing the Best Probiotics!

Probiotic supplements continue to increase in popularity every year! More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of probiotics. Many of these benefits have been scientifically documented.

Have you noticed how many food manufacturers are now adding probiotics or prebiotics to their products? There is a good reason companies are adding good bacteria to prepared foods. This friendly flora is good for you and it helps keep your body's bad bacteria in check.

Probiotic therapy can help you overcome problems with chronic constipation or diarrhea. The best probiotics can also prevent yeast infections, relieve allergy symptoms and fortify your immune system against disease! In addition, friendly flora helps break down food in the intestines so the nutrients can be more easily absorbed into your blood stream.

My Dilemma

Recently, I went shopping for probiotic supplements. I visited two health food stores in my local area. First, I stopped at a national name brand health food store and next at a local grocery and health food store.

In the national chain store I was directed to the digestive health section by the clerk and was then left by myself to decide which product to choose. I was soon overwhelmed by all the choices! First of all, I found a large number of different brands of probiotics. Some bottles contained a liquid probiotic supplement, others were probiotic pills, some were probiotic capsules; I also found probiotic powder. I was also confused by all the numbers on the bottles claiming to have millions of bacteria in each serving.

I left the store almost dizzy from all the information about the kinds of different bacteria contained in each product and their potency. I left without purchasing anything because I didn't know enough about probiotic supplements to make a good informed decision.

I then went to the grocery store/health food store that I shop at regularly. The clerk in the natural vitamin section directed me to a small refrigerated cooler filled with bottles of probiotics. All of these products had to be refrigerated even before they were opened. I wondered why these probiotic products had to be refrigerated and the probiotics at the first store did not? Still confused, I again left the store without making a purchase. As a result, I decided to do some research and find the best probiotics available.

Which kind is the Best Probiotic Supplement?

Be aware of the different forms probiotics come in.

  • Liquid Probiotics
  • Probiotic Powder
  • Probiotic Pills
  • Probiotic Capsules
  • Probiotic Caplets
  • Probiotic Pearls (coated with either 2 or 3 protective coatings)

What Makes a Good Probiotic Supplement?

What you should look for when shopping for probiotic supplements.
  • Which strains of bacteria are used?
  • The potency of the probiotic. Potency should be for the time the bottle is opened not at the time it was manufactured.
  • To be effective a probiotic must be able to attach easily to the walls of your intestines.
  • A good probiotic should be able to survive gastric juices and stomach acids.

Be aware that the number of bacteria listed on the product label can be misleading. The particular strains of bacteria in the product is also important. Some strains of bacteria are not as effective as other strains.

The second question to ask is; how is the probiotic product delivered to the intestinal system? In other words has the product been encapsulated with coatings that will protect the bacteria from stomach acids.

Some manufacturers will put the number of bacteria at the time their product is made, not what it will be after it sits on a health food stores shelf for several weeks. Many probiotics begin to lose their potency after they are shipped from the manufacturer. The longer they sit on the store shelf the more bacteria die and the weaker the product becomes.

A New Probiotic Product

I was able to find a new probiotic product that over comes many of the problems with traditional products. This new probiotic product uses targeted release DRcaps™ to deliver good bacteria to your intestines. This probiotic supplement does not need to be refrigerated.

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