Saw Palmetto Benefits the Health of Your Prostate Gland and More

Saw Palmetto benefits the health of your prostate gland and much more! Current studies confirm the fruit from this tropical palm tree can effect your overall health in several important ways.

Saw Palmetto Benefits

Here is a partial list of the many saw palmetto benefits:

  • Helps to shrink enlarged prostrate
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Improves muscle tone and muscle building
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Expectorant
  • Mild diuretic
  • Reduces acne

What is Saw Palmetto?

This palm species is native to the Southwestern United States. Its scientific name is Serenoa repens. It is primarily found in the state of Florida where it grows naturally. It is found in every county in the state. This dwarf palm gets it name from the double row of sharp spines that run up and down its leafy fronds. The word "palmetto" means small palm.

Saw palmetto berries are picked in September and October when they have ripened to a deep purple color. They are about the size of an olive and like an olive contain a single large seed.

The berries can be eaten raw or dried. They have a strong oily blue cheese taste with a pepper kicker. The saw palmetto berry has been used for hundreds of years for dietary and medicinal purposes by the local native American tribes.

Side Effects of Saw Palmetto

Supplements made from the fruit of this palm tree have been used safely for years by thousands of users. There are some minor risks associated with the use of this tropical berry. One study concluded there may be an increased risk of bleeding.
In a 2009 Italian study researchers concluded that Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) was safe to use even when the patient was taking prescription drugs.

A British study concluded, "Currently available data suggest that S. repens is well tolerated by most users and is not associated with serious adverse events. The majority of adverse events are mild, infrequent and reversible, and include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue, headache, decreased libido and rhinitis. We found no evidence for drug interactions with S. repens (saw palmetto)".

We recommend that you check with your doctor first before taking saw palmetto supplements if you are taking any kind of prescription drugs or are under a doctor's care. This recommendation holds true for any natural health supplements you may be taking.

Saw Palmetto Studies

Saw palmetto benefits the male prostrate gland according to several research studies. In addition, a recently concluded human study shows saw palmetto is effective in reducing hair loss in men.

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There is a large volume of anecdotal evidence supporting the health benefits of saw palmetto. In addition to the personal experiences of many individuals there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting the reports that this tropical berry has specific health benefits. Although there is not any conclusive scientific evidence of saw palmetto benefits there have been a number of promising research studies completed.

Many of the conclusions reached by researchers have been positive. These research scientists almost invariably comment in their reports that additional saw palmetto research needs to be done. We concur with this conclusion. We welcome additional research on saw palmetto benefits and on other natural health supplements as well.

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