Silverbiotics is Good For Your Body

Protect Yourself Against Infections!

Silverbiotics uses patented Silversol technology to strengthen your immune system and to protect you and your family against common everyday infections and illnesses!

Due to this proprietary technology this product can achieve results other colloidal silver formulations cannot match.

What Makes This Product so Different?

This colloidal silver is made using patented Silversol technology developed by American BioTech Labs. Most colloidal silver products have to come in contact with microbes in order to be effective, American BioTech Labs' products do not.

The developers have created an engineered silver nano particle that uses catalytic action not chemical action to kill pathogens in the body. Testing shows that this silver product is both stable and effective. Scientists world wide have tested and validated the effectiveness of this new colloidal silver technology. Over a million bottles of this product have been purchased worldwide.

Is Silverbiotics Safe?

This product is safe with no harmful side effects when used as directed. It has been safety tested by government certified labs in the U.S. and in other countries. It has also been tested by numerous universities and other government sponsored labs. It has been found to be safe against friendly bacteria.

According to American BioTech Labs, "Most ionic and colloidal silver products work by chemical action, and thus can be problematic to the human system. The American Biotech Labs products work by catalytic action and thus are not metabolized by the body. It is estimated that between 90-99% of the silver is excreted from the body through both the urinary and fecal tracts in two days, with greater then 99% excreted within a week (based on IRIS report, fifth page, first paragraph). Because the American Biotech Labs technology works catalytically and not chemically the product is much more effective at lower silver concentrations."

This product is GSA (Government Services Administration) and VA (Veterans Administration) approved for purchase.

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