Slender Pops

The New Weight Loss Lollipop!

Photo by Pink Sherbert

Slender Pops is a break through weight loss product. You can actually lose weight by sucking on a lollipop! In addition, the ingredients are all natural and organic.

Sisel International, a direct sales company based in Springville, Utah, launched its newest product innovation, Slender Pops at the end of December 2010.

What Makes This Product so Different?

There are other weight loss lollipops on the market but Sisel's entry into this niche market is unique. Not only do Slender Pops contain the South African hoodia cactus extract but it also has two extracts from the opuntia indicia or nopal cactus as well. Where as hoodia may help supress a person's appetite the nopal cactus fruit has a powerful diuretic effect on fat cells. These cells are full of water and the cactus fruit releases the water which takes fat with it.

Some fat binders attach to fat cells in the stomach where it is acidic and when they reach the more alkaline intestinal tract release the fat to be reabsorbed right back into the body. The nopal cactus leaf extract binds with the fat but does not release it in the intestinal tract and carries the bound fat out of the body.

Do Slender Pops Contain Sugar?

Slender Pops do not contain any sugar! They are sweetned with xylitol and other natural sweetners. Even diabetics can benefit from this new weight loss product. They are safe for use by children as well.

How Do I Use Slender Pops?

It is recommended that a person drink a glass of water before sucking on a Slender Pop and then drinking a glass of water after wards. This will aid the body in flushing accumulated fat out of the body. It is also recommended that a person reduce their fat intake and begin an exercise regimen to help accelerate weight loss. Slender Pops come in three flavors, cherry, grape and orange. They will retail for about $1.50 each. The company recommends that an individual use two Slender Pops per day.

Where Can I Buy Slender Pops?

Slender Pops will not be available in large stores or super markets. They will be distributed by individual distributors. Sisel International does encourage hair salons, family owned restaurants and other small businesses to carry Slender Pops in their stores. There will be "point of sale" displays available for use by small business owners.

Distributorships are available in the U.S., Canada and several foreign countries. The founder of Sisel International predicts that this single product alone will push annual company sales over the billion dollar mark.

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