What Is the Best Natural Vitamin D Supplement? We Found Not One, Not Two, But Three Needles in the Haystack!

You may be the victim of a vitamin D deficiency if you feel fatigued and barely get any sunlight. It’s not uncommon, and it’s not your fault.

After spending the better part of an afternoon reading through different pages, reviews, and forums, we found not only that there are solutions, we also jotted them down. Yay!

Here’s what we recommend.

Best softgel Vitamin D

Nature Made Vitamin D3 1,000IU, 300 count “I pop these like candy”

Blood work increased to normal after “LP” ate one a day.

… he didn’t change his diet or lifestyle, at all! 

LP had some blood work done that showed a vitamin D deficiency. So the physician recommended taking a 1000 mg vitamin D supplement. After having one a day for three months, the follow-up blood work test showed a normal level! Hurray! Looking like a million bucks!

Here’s what LP said:

‘I did not change my diet or lifestyle at all during those three months so I can fairly confidently attribute the level change to the use of this product.

Takeaway: We recommend having one of these highly-rated Vitamin D soft-gels before breakfast.

Best Liquid Vitamin D

Ortho Molecular Liquid Vitamin D3, Cindy improves from 19 ng/ml to 85ng/ml!

Cindy saw no “moving the needle” results from taking D3 supplements…

…Until she started Ortho Molecular Liquid D3.

After trying other brands, Cindy saw no progress in her blood levels. She hung in there just long enough to give Ortho Molecular a shot. To make a long story short: her blood levels positively increased year after year, for three years straight! For Cindy, liquids are the only form that work for her. Don’t sleep on Liquids!

Here’s what Cindy had to say about Ortho Molecular:

Started these drops two years ago and saw my levels go from 19 ng/ml to 56 ng/ml. After another year on these drops my Vitamin D levels just measured 85ng/ml which is awesome!! It’s the only form of D3 that has any effect on my health or blood D levels.’

Takeaway: We recommend getting blood work done. Once before starting your supplements and once after. 

Best High Dose Vitamin D Supplement

NOW Supplements Vitamin D 10,000 IU “Easy to Swallow”

NOW Supplements customer Fatima takes one of these easy to swallow vitamin pills a day, five days a week. Paying careful attention that she doesn’t overdose. She was Vitamin D deficient and had side effects from other brands in the past, but with NOW Supplements she feels the difference.


‘Talk to your doc!! But get these!!’

Takeaway: Consult your doctor to determine the daily dose. 

Don’t let a deficiency get out of hand. Our three tips to naturally harness your body’s vitamin D production:

We asked ourselves “Generally speaking, are there people with a higher risk of getting a Vitamin D deficiency, or is consensus about this still up in the air?”

This is what we found:

Having more melanin in the skin results in darker skin. Which reduces the skin’s ability to make your body’s own vitamin D from sunlight. Whether or not the impact of vitamin D deficiency on overall health increases among individuals with dark skin versus individuals with non-dark skin, remains unclear.

Tip: Use opportunities that come up naturally to enjoy the sun. Supplement this with any of our recommended Vitamin D supplements.

A rule of thumb is that as people reach a certain age, the skin’s ability to construct vitamin D from sunlight declines. That increases the risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency. The risk continues to increase as we couple that with the fact that elderly people spend more time indoors than outdoors.

Tip: Have one reason to go outside, preferably daily. Gardening, bird watching, or photographing nature make interesting reasons.

If you cover up most of your skin, then you also rob yourself of a natural chance to get D vitamins.

Tip: Look for ways to naturally, and safely, expose your skin to sunlight. Your skin wants to construct vitamins, don’t leave it hanging.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, call your doctor for blood work.

Before deciding on which supplement to take, we recommend getting your blood tested. It’s easy. Your doctor prescribes blood work and helps to determine the appropriate dose.

Reader-friendly reference: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminD-Consumer/

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