Yoli "Blast Caps"
Where Nutrition & Space Age Technology Meet

Blast Your Way to Better Health

Improve your body's acid/alkaline balance with Yoli, a new category maker in the nutritional and energy beverage arena! Enjoy the convenience of these new healthy energy drinks and nutritional beverages.

There are six patents on this technology with more applied for. The contents of each "blast cap" are cold processed and freeze dried. No heat is used in processing or packaging!

What Are "Blast Caps"?

"Blast caps" were developed as a new functional beverage delivery system by a company called Blast Cap Technologies, LLC.

The ingredients in these new nutrition drinks are powdered and kept in a special container called a "blast cap". The "blast cap" fits in the neck of the bottle. When the consumer is ready to take a drink he/she simply pushes down on the top of the "blast cap" and the ingredients are released (blasted) into the water below. Shake a couple of times and this nutritional beverage is ready to drink.

What Are The Advantages of "Blast Cap" Technology?

The ingredients in each "blast cap" are activated at the time of use. The product maintains its potency and effectiveness because the contents are suspended in a freeze dried powder.

Vitamins and minerals suspended in a liquid solution for more than 30 days begin to break down and lose their nutritional value. The nutritional values shown on the label reflect the potency at the time of manufacture not at the time the product is actually consumed!

Because each "blast cap" contains freeze dried powder it is not subject to pasteurization or "hot fill" processing at the point of manufacture. Heat destroys most vitamins and minerals> Heat also kills live enzymes and other live ingredients.

This new nutrition drink is also preservative free. It does not contain chemicals, additives, stabilizers or other artificial substances commonly used in the manufacture of most nutritional beverages.

What Are The Ingredients?

Yoli has introduced three new products, Truth, Fun, and Alkalete. Each one has a different ingredient mix. All products will contain a unique mineral complex called Alka Plex . Alkalete converts any water into super-hydrated, high PH water. Alkaline water benefits your over all health by reducing metabolic acidosis in your body. Most diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Alkalete also helps improve your body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Click here for an expanded list of the health benefits of Alkalete.

There are no sugars or artificial sweeteners in these products. Instead, each "blast cap" will contain an herbal sweetener called, Stevia Reb-A. Stevia has a low glycemic index. This is important for those who are diabetic or who are watching their glucose levels.

These products will also contain:

More "Blast Cap" Benefits

  • Live Active Ingredients
  • Phenomenal Antioxidant Activity
  • Natural Coloring
  • Natural Flavoring
  • High ORAC Values

The first three products introduced to the market place are:

Truth - Citrus flavored health blast
Fun - Lime flavored sport blast
Alkalete Fun - Balance your body PH with Alkalete. The same ingredients are found in PH Sciences Alka-Plex.

Both Truth and Fun contain Alkalete! For additional information on thsse revolutionary new nutrition drinks and health supplement click here:

Who Are the Founders of Yoli?

The list of Yoli company founders reads like a "who's who" of network marketing. Each founder has been successful as a distributor and several have more traditional business experience as well.

The Yoli Founders are as follows:

  • Corey Citron
  • Daren Falter
  • Bobby Jones
  • Robby Fender
  • Rick Eisele
  • Michael Prichard

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