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Zamu can lift your mood and energize your body! You can feel the difference. Improve your quality of life naturally. This juice is 100% certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture!

Zamu Benefits

  • Increases seratonin levels in the brain (improves mood)
  • Naturally boosts energy levels in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system (stay healthier)
  • Helps fight free radicals in the body
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • Improves nails
  • Anti aging (feel younger)
  • May improve cardiovascular health
  • Contains the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine
  • Strengthens gums, eyes and skin

Zamu Ingredients

This juice is full of health promoting ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest!

  • camu camu berry
  • organic acai berry
  • cacao
  • cinnamon
  • sangre de drago
  • organic pineapple
  • organic mango

More Zamu Information

Here are some commonly asked questions:

  • How much should I drink per day? - The company recommends 2 oz twice a day. It is recommended that you start slowly and then increase to the recommended dosage
  • Is this product really organic? - Yes, this juice is Certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture!
  • How much vitamin C does it contain? - Each serving contains 100% of the recommended dosage of Vitamin C
  • Is this product pasteurized? - Yes, it is heated to 120 degrees for a few seconds during the manufacturing process.
  • What is the PH value of this product? - The Zamu drink is approximately 3.5 pH
  • Does this product contain salt or sugars? - It contains only naturally occuring sugars and salts found in the ingredients. No sugar or salt is added!
  • Is this product available in health food stores? - No, Zamu is only available through Amazon Herb Company's network of independent distributors
  • Is this product gluten free? - Yes, this natural health drink is 100% gluten free!
  • Does this product contain chemical preservatives? - No, this product does not contain sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate or any other chemical preservatives
  • Does this product contain juices from concentrates? - No, this juice blend does not contain any concentrates
  • Are there any side effects? This product is safe to use. If you experience any side effects reduce the dosage until the undesired side effects stop
  • Can this product be used by pregnant women? Always check with your physician or health care professional first before you begin a new health regimen
  • Is this product guaranteed? - Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee!
  • Does the Amazon Herb Company have other products sourced from the Amazon Rainforest? Yes, the company has a complete line of natural health supplements formulated with botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest
  • Am I helping preserve the Amazon Rainforest by purchasing products from the Amazon Herb Company? Yes, a portion of all profits go to help the indigenous people in their efforts to protect this valuable region of the world

Camu Camu Berry Benefits

The camu berry has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any known fruit on earth. It has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange!The camu berry is also high in minerals like riboflavin, niacin, phosphorous and iron.

The camu fruit is about the size of a large cherry and grows on trees in the Amazon Rainforest. These trees grow in the Amazon flood plain and so the trunks are under water for three months out of the year. During the rainy season the camu tree absorbs the many minerals and nutrients carried by the waters of the Amazon River. Some of the richest soil in the world is located in this tropical area.

Look at the list below to learn more about the benefits of this remarkable tropical fruit:

  • Promotes healthy skin (collagen in the vitamin C improves the skin's elasticity)
  • Healthier hair and finger nails (notice how fast your hair and nails grow)
  • Helps maintain the alkaline levels in the body
    mprovement reported for individuals suffering from anxiety
    Helps lubricate the facia surrounding all your organs (increased elastin and fibroblast)
  • Assists in reduction of stiffness in the body
    Helps fight stress and the common cold

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